Is it all about the shopping experience?

Sport shops are trying to increase the shopping experience by creating factitious environment, simular to the real world. Customers experience the same feelings and see the same things as when they practice the sport. Maybe it helps them to realize which things they need or want the most? Although it’s a great way to attract customers, in my opinion the setting provokes to do the sport rather than to buy stuff. The pictures below show you how two shops – Solid and Hudson Trail Outfitters Store – create these original settings.




Search for new aesthetics – drips and splatters

Consumers are searching for a new kind of beauty, and this is being found in the opposite, ugliness.The images below show you all kinds of products with drips and splatters.  They are examples of the search for new aesthetics because they’re not the norm, people wouldn’t normally buy them.  Maybe you have already been confronted with other examples?

 Buffet Textured - Dust Deluxe

 Dripping wood sideboard by Damien Gernay      

Untitled     Wall decoration       Untitlede

Untitledf    Glasses and pillow   Untitledff


Bring it inside

New trend: bring things that belong outside in your interior. Due to the urbanisation, more and more people are living in the cities. These people are longing for elements from the countryside and are searching for ways to bring them inside their homes. The images below show you how to realize this trend in your own house, I hope it can inspire you!

Indoor swing

Indoor swing 

Tree- stump table

Tree stump – tables


 The Moss Green Graffiti, natural and organic graffiti


Aqualibrium Garden, an indoor method for cultivating food all year round


8 Great Indoor Swings

DIY inspiratie: Een boomstronk als bijzettafeltje