Favorite site of the month: Trendir

Trendir is an inspiring home decorating trends magazine. In this blogpost, I will show you my favorite designs of the site. The pictures speak for themselves, therefore I won’t bother you with too much information. If you like them, I  recommend you to visit the site yourself: http://www.trendir.com

zapote-table-by-itz-mayanwoodfurniture-made-from-salvaged-wood-1-thumb-630x419-29674 wooden-bathtub-laguna-basic-by-alegna-1-thumb-630x419-31010 wildwood-lago-counter-clear-sink-combo-3-thumb-630xauto-34091 uneven-edge-dining-table-riflessi-2-thumb-autox857-34231 stylish-sospesa-shower-head-through-ponsi-ponsi-3-thumb-630xauto-32839-1 random-sized-wood-blocks-featured-oak-collection-2-cabinet-thumb-630x479-28351goccia-marmorin-folds-open-exposing-sultry-silhouette-1-thumb-630xauto-34502air-tables-lago-feature-soul-wood-1-air-table-thumb-630x689-29279pavati-dual-stream-waterfall-faucet-2-1


Is it all about the shopping experience?

Sport shops are trying to increase the shopping experience by creating factitious environment, simular to the real world. Customers experience the same feelings and see the same things as when they practice the sport. Maybe it helps them to realize which things they need or want the most? Although it’s a great way to attract customers, in my opinion the setting provokes to do the sport rather than to buy stuff. The pictures below show you how two shops – Solid and Hudson Trail Outfitters Store – create these original settings.





We don’t need photoshop – Jee Young Lee

Jee Young Lee is a Korean artist that knows how to create amazing surreal images without using Photoshop. She creates absurd and beautiful dreamscapes that represent her own experiences, dreams or memories or traditional Korean folk tales and legends. Every detail is made by hand until she thinks the image is ready to take one final photograph.

I think this artist is very inspiring because she does not use the normal techniques to create a studio. In this constantly changing society, nobody has the time to do something that takes so much dedication and time. We all live in a fast moving society with innovative products and technology but we don’t always dwell on the fact that we don’t always need those products or techniques to do something great. Jee Young Lee proves that you don’t need photoshop to create very beautiful and innovate images. It’s an incredible act of determination of sharing her own stories and vision. There are plenty of opportunities to interpret the images as you want, but there’s always a recognizable story. She’s an example for me because of her creativity, her original en sometimes funny designs and her dedication.

stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-2 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-3 14.16.44stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-6 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-7 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-8 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-9 stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-11stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-14stage-of-mind-room-jeeyoung-lee-16




Great Green Cities

Cities are creating new initiatives aimed at integrating more green public spaces into their center. This is due to the upcoming urbanisation: more and more people are living in the cities and are longing for gardens in their neighborhood. They want the possibility to escape from the busy and unhealthy life and built-up environment inside the city. This green area is quiet and gives people the opportunity to walk in a public (or private) garden, where they can relax.

Green in the city3 ‘The Canopy’ – A green apartment building located in Hong Kong, China. The exterior of the building features rows and rows of greenery like trees and bushes with a three-hundred and sixty degree design.

Green in the city4‘The Spur’ –  A conceptual round garden in the middle of New York. This idea features an immersive green bowl, a dense green space that would change throughout the year.

Green in the city1‘The Garden Bridge’  – A bridge in London to create another link between the urban north and south. 

Green in the city2‘The High Line’ – a park built on the former West Side Line elevated railway in New York City. The design depicts a sliver of green serenity cutting through the hustle and bustle of an ever-busy Manhattan.






Upcycling: a way to create original designs

Lately, more and more brands are using upcycling methods to design new products. Upcycling is a great way to reuse materials and reduce footprints. It’s the art of reusing unwanted items by converting them into something better. The images below show you some examples of upcycled products.


A lamp made of old skateboards – Made by MapleXO with Paul Sykes ($595)


Dress made from old parachutes – Designed by Christopher Raeburn


Dress made from discarded cow nipples – Designed by Rachel Friere


A clock made from broken Iphones – Designed by Chris Koerner, a phone and iOS screen repair specialist (Kickstarter project: Twice Used)


Lighting made from old bottles


Coffee table made from an old door


 Mixed wood table made by gluing small pieces of discarded wood together – Created by Herso, a Dutch furniture making team






Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou is a Greek fashion designer who currently lives and works in London. She has very beautiful collections with exclusive and original patterns. You can see her latest collection on this site:


Mary Katrantzou works together with other great brands like Moncler, Longchamp and Topshop. She is inspiring me because of the patterns of natural elements she uses. I really love these clothes because they look like paintings and radiate a warm atmosphere. They also stimulate my desire for adventure and for discovering great places.

Here you can see some examples:







As you can see, the clothes are very expensive. If you are interested, you can take a look on this site:


Cocoon – Home and Interior Fair

Last sunday I went to Cocoon, a home and interior fair in Brussels. I thought I would see a lot of innovative design and concepts, but I didn’t entirely saw what I expected. There were of course some original products that were interesting for me, but most of the interior products where very mainstream. I think this is due to the expected public. People who visit this fair want to buy products or want to get inspired for their own houses. Of course, not everybody likes innovative and original designs so the fair consists of well-chosen brands that need to adapt oneself to the expectations of the public (the goal of the fair is to sell products and create brand awareness). Obviously, this doesn’t make it less interesting. The fair was worth visiting and I would recommend it to everybody who wants to decorate their home. It is a good way to become inspired and to get in touch with new brands.

Here you can see some photos of the things I was interested in:










Let’s go … transparent

New devices are changing the technology: function and practicality are being replaced by visual aesthetics.Technology is developing very fast and retailers are competing against each other to produce the most high- tech and creative products. The images below show you some examples of transparent devices.


The ‘Window Phone’

 Concept by Seunghan Song, it makes accurate predictions about the weather and changes the display according to the weather outside.


Apple – Ipad

Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso has taken upon himself to rework the design of the Ipad.


 AMOLED prototype displays by Samsung

These prototypes are specially designed for mobiles, PC monitors and televisions.


Dongyeon Kim’s Rec Camera

 The display is designed to let the photographer see the subject or to let the subject see what the photographer is looking at.


 The Loewe Invisio by Michael Friebe

This device is the next step in television technology and design.


Concept phone by Mac Funamizu

Japanese designer Mac Funamizu is known for his innovative tech designs that are often a few years ahead of their time.


Apple – Iphone

The Heir Apparent Cellphone Brings Clarity to the iPhone’s Design.


Innovative UCLA transparent solar cells


The Thomas Laenner Transparent Tablet Concept


the Space3 smartphone concept by Kok Keong Wong and Wenhing Chu



Search for new aesthetics – drips and splatters

Consumers are searching for a new kind of beauty, and this is being found in the opposite, ugliness.The images below show you all kinds of products with drips and splatters.  They are examples of the search for new aesthetics because they’re not the norm, people wouldn’t normally buy them.  Maybe you have already been confronted with other examples?

 Buffet Textured - Dust Deluxe

 Dripping wood sideboard by Damien Gernay      

Untitled     Wall decoration       Untitlede

Untitledf    Glasses and pillow   Untitledff



Studio Pepe – Escaping from problems

STUDIOPEPE is a design studio founded in Milan in 2006. They take a visionary and multidisciplinary approach to interior design, styling, set design, style consultancy, and trend forecasting.


These decors are a new project for Elle Decor Italia. The sets appeared at Verona’s Abitare 100% tradeshow. I think they are very innovative, I have never seen decors like these. The colours, special effects and original accents contribute to the mysterious atmosphere.

They inspire me because something hit me: if you merge the two images on the left, you get a new one with a special detail.

Studiopepe kopie

As you can see, the exposed stairway leads into the cloud. I don’t think it is on purpose, but it looks like you can climb into the sky, away from the earth. The image shows an upcoming need: escaping from your daily problems (into your dreams) and releasing them for a moment. After a while, you have to return and confront these problems. The cloud is also grey, what could indicate the fact that you can never really lose your problems these days, you always carry them with you.