Favorite site of the month: Trendir

Trendir is an inspiring home decorating trends magazine. In this blogpost, I will show you my favorite designs of the site. The pictures speak for themselves, therefore I won’t bother you with too much information. If you like them, I  recommend you to visit the site yourself: http://www.trendir.com

zapote-table-by-itz-mayanwoodfurniture-made-from-salvaged-wood-1-thumb-630x419-29674 wooden-bathtub-laguna-basic-by-alegna-1-thumb-630x419-31010 wildwood-lago-counter-clear-sink-combo-3-thumb-630xauto-34091 uneven-edge-dining-table-riflessi-2-thumb-autox857-34231 stylish-sospesa-shower-head-through-ponsi-ponsi-3-thumb-630xauto-32839-1 random-sized-wood-blocks-featured-oak-collection-2-cabinet-thumb-630x479-28351goccia-marmorin-folds-open-exposing-sultry-silhouette-1-thumb-630xauto-34502air-tables-lago-feature-soul-wood-1-air-table-thumb-630x689-29279pavati-dual-stream-waterfall-faucet-2-1


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