Great Green Cities

Cities are creating new initiatives aimed at integrating more green public spaces into their center. This is due to the upcoming urbanisation: more and more people are living in the cities and are longing for gardens in their neighborhood. They want the possibility to escape from the busy and unhealthy life and built-up environment inside the city. This green area is quiet and gives people the opportunity to walk in a public (or private) garden, where they can relax.

Green in the city3 ‘The Canopy’ – A green apartment building located in Hong Kong, China. The exterior of the building features rows and rows of greenery like trees and bushes with a three-hundred and sixty degree design.

Green in the city4‘The Spur’ –  A conceptual round garden in the middle of New York. This idea features an immersive green bowl, a dense green space that would change throughout the year.

Green in the city1‘The Garden Bridge’  – A bridge in London to create another link between the urban north and south. 

Green in the city2‘The High Line’ – a park built on the former West Side Line elevated railway in New York City. The design depicts a sliver of green serenity cutting through the hustle and bustle of an ever-busy Manhattan.



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