Studio Pepe – Escaping from problems

STUDIOPEPE is a design studio founded in Milan in 2006. They take a visionary and multidisciplinary approach to interior design, styling, set design, style consultancy, and trend forecasting.


These decors are a new project for Elle Decor Italia. The sets appeared at Verona’s Abitare 100% tradeshow. I think they are very innovative, I have never seen decors like these. The colours, special effects and original accents contribute to the mysterious atmosphere.

They inspire me because something hit me: if you merge the two images on the left, you get a new one with a special detail.

Studiopepe kopie

As you can see, the exposed stairway leads into the cloud. I don’t think it is on purpose, but it looks like you can climb into the sky, away from the earth. The image shows an upcoming need: escaping from your daily problems (into your dreams) and releasing them for a moment. After a while, you have to return and confront these problems. The cloud is also grey, what could indicate the fact that you can never really lose your problems these days, you always carry them with you.



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